1948 Comic book ad

Long before the toy was called Slinky, It was known as Mr. Walker

Back in the mythical time of the 1940s, society was trustworthy enough where you could simply mail a coupon with no money and then pay the postman the cost of the item when he delivered it to your door.   you paid him that cost and a small C.O.D. fee.

Also, when people did send money through the mail, they didn’t even need money orders, most of the time it was cash!   

Of course in those days doctors actually would go to your home to give you health care. 

Before supermarkets, mom and pop grocery stores offered credit when the customer was short on money, because they knew they’d be reimbursed when that guy got his paycheck at the end of the week.

There were no car alarms, nor any need to chain and lock a bike

 Bus drivers actually carried change machines on their belt when you didnt have the exact change for the 7 cent city bus fare. 

Radio was still king and television was just a few years away

It truly was a different world back in the 1940’s

I'm sure other historians can think of similar examples of 'a much simpler time' to add to this list

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